Friday, February 8, 2008

A Super Easy Christmas Project...

While going through some of my photos from the last few months, I found several pictures of things I made that I never shared (due to the hiatus of my blog!!!). Here are some really easy napkin rings made of little silver Christmas bells. This project is so simple that my four-year old helped me string a few of them, that is until he got bored and moved onto wreaking havoc :-)

I first saw them around Christmas of 2006 in Pottery Barn. I picked them up to buy them, and the more I studied them, the more I convinced myself that Pottery Barn was charging waaaaayyyy too much (what else is new?), and I could make them myself.

So here is what you need:
- about 14 inches of 26 gauge wire (silver to match)
- 25 bells for each napkin ring
- red velvet ribbon

Double up the 26 gauge wire (bend it in half) for extra security (strength and pliability). String the bells around, they will naturally fall into place.
Wrap one end around the end (don't twist because that will cause the wire to stand up. Instead hold one side down while wrapping the other around it tightly.

Finish them off by adding some elegant bows. I left a little extra room between the bells because I used velvet ribbon and it is wider and not as flexible as other ribbons.

Wallah! You now have some fun and festive napkin rings!

Have a fabulous Friday night! I am off to pizza-movie night at La Casa Elliott!

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Carolyn King said...

These are too cute! What a great idea....i just have to remember this for next year!