Saturday, February 2, 2008

Aren't these Cute Kids?

I just had to post a pic of our kids. I am finally working on downloading and organizing all of the pictures we have taken over the last four months - yes, I said downloading! I came across some pics of my kids as we attempted to take a picture to put in our Christmas cards. Needless to say, anyone who thinks parenting is easy should try to take a picture of two kids under 4!

In the end we weren't able to get a good shot, well at least one that was usable. The one here turned out great, but my lack of computer editing skills prevented us from being able to use it. You see, I forgot that I am not supposed to crop before I send it off to be printed because they ended up cutting my daughter's arm off and it just didn't look good that way - he-he - can't imagine why! So after all that work (two picture taking sessions, both ending in either me or one of the kids crying :-) I ended up just sending cards without photos - oh well, there's always next year!


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