Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Off To CKC!

I am so excited about going to Creative Keepsakes Convention I can hardly stand it! Plus, I get to spend the whole weekend with my Mom, kid free!!!!!!! This is only the second time I have ever been away from my kids, and although I will miss them dearly :-) it will be nice to only have to worry about me. So, I am in countdown mode now, waiting for my DH to get home so I can jet out of here. The ride is about 5ish hours away to my parents. I usually don't mind the drive though, plus it gives me a chance to listen to whatever music I want, not that my kids don't enjoy my favorite KT Tunstall album these days - my almost two year old knows the words - how bad is that! But it also gives me a chance to just relax, despite the fact that I have to drive through Washington DC.

So, I am leaving here with a game plan, and have many items on my wish list, however, I do have a budget. It's a pretty reasonable one given that my hubby new this was coming up, but I hope to keep myself restrained as I know that since CHA was just last weekend, there may be some new things to make me stray from my plan. I am also taking some classes to learn some new techniques, so I'll share anything that looks good when I get back, well after my camera is fixed (keeping fingers crossed).

Anyway, my camera is officially on the fritz and we are going back and forth with Kodak now to see if they will fix it. They are looking at some sample pics now and said we should hear back form them by tomorrow morning. So I would like to leave you with some pics of my kids from this weekend. My little ones are great lovers of the outdoors. They are truly loving summer, especially the "big pool" (now that we have finally gotten my daughter to go in). But this is just them in our backyard playing in their "baby pool" with our friends' kids. They also played a bit on the slip and slide, which has since ruined our grass, but oh the fun they had! Enjoy! Have a fabulous weekend!

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