Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today Was My Birthday!

Well, there you have it - today was indeed my birthday :-) But somehow, it just isn't as much fun as when I was a kid. It seemed like every other day in many ways; I still had to feed the kids breakfast, still had to make lunch, still had to do laundry, still had to clean, still had to change diapers, and yes, I still had to shower! I even had to make my own birthday cake, but that's a story I refuse to go into right now :-)

But I also got to sleep in an hour later, get two hours of kid free shopping :-), buy new jewelry from my favorite sterling silver boutique, buy new stamps and ink from Michaels, get cards in the mail, get phone calls from friends and family, dance with my kids to music I like, eat birthday cake (YUM!), eat at Outback (yet again YUM!), and eat the birthday sundae at Outback (yet again YUM!).

So I guess all in all, even if it isn't as much fun as when we were kids, it's all in how you look at it!

Happy Birthday to me and to anyone else who is blessed to be born on this day!

P.S. I am 25 again for anyone who is wondering - that was such a good year *wink* I think I'll stick with it!

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