Thursday, September 6, 2007

Let's Pay It Forward!

I found this on Angel Wild's blog Angelosity, and I think this a fabulous idea! So, I wanted to send it forward to anyone who would like to do the same. This is a great way to make some new friends and to send something to make someone's day (I know how much I love to get fun mail!). Plus, did you ever see the movie "Pay It Forward"? If not, I highly recommend it - one of the best movies EVAH! This is a small way to maybe make a small difference in someone's life - we all love new goodies, right? :-) So, I will send some goodies in the mail (ribbon, chipboard, this-n-thats) out to the first person who comments here. But, please remember you have to put the icon on your blog and send some goodies out to someone else. Thanks for visiting!

P.S. send me your home address via my email at


Deb said...

OOOOH, This sounds like fun! I'll play. Hopefully I can get this on my blog, off to try.

Vicki C said...

Darling Card Kacey!!! Hey..thanks for comming by and commenting.. I definatly put your name in for the giveaway.