Monday, August 6, 2007

My guy!

My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary, separately I might add, but celebrated nonetheless. On July 27th I was in Philly with my mom and he was watching over our little ones for the weekend. This weekend, he had his guys' thing and I had the kids. Sense a pattern here? One of us always has the kids. We don't live in the same town as either of our family, and have only one family member close by. Babysitting has been a trouble spot for us these past few years, so we take what little free time we have together and try to make it as special as we can, while our two little ones sleep soundly nearby :-) For our anniversary I made my husband the first two pages of his scrapbook. We have decided that we want to leave a legacy for our kids of who we are/were (just in case anything ever happens). We want them to know us if God forbid we are taken from this earth. So, I made the first layout entitled "things I love about you..." I can't post it yet, but will as soon as I can, because our camera has finally reached Kodak for repair (I hope). But some of the things I love of about my husband read:
  • Your positive attitude

  • Your strengths make up for my weaknesses

  • Your gentle and often calming nature

  • The way you suport me in everything I do

  • You love me for who I am

  • Your love of life

  • Your often strange sense of humor

  • Your ability to see other's perspectives (sometimes I hate this too :-)

  • The love you have and show for your children

  • That you are still a kid at heart, and that you remind me how important that is

These are the biggest things that me happy I have him. He is a fabulous person; people like him even before they get to know him. We all laugh about my husband; he can seriously walk into a room of perfect strangers and by the end of the night he will have made several new friends. He never feels uncomfortable. He is happy to be who he is! I, on the other hand am more of a wallflower, so we balance each other out.

One funny story about him meeting people, and our friends still laugh about this, we went to an apple festival about two hours from our home and while browsing the little inn we came across a family who was visiting from Italy. They spoke very little English, but somehow my husband was able to hold a 30+ minute conversation with these people and in the end exchanged phone numbers, addresses and email with them "just in case" they ever came back. We just watched as this all unfolded in amazement. I don't know how he does it. They have exchanged emails a few times since and have seen some beautiful pictures of Italy, that we would otherwise never have seen. Perhaps one day we will get there... oh to dream, we can't even go on a date!

One of our friends pointed out that Doug has something in common with everyone. He really does! He is a pretty worldy guy. He knows a lot about politics, foreign and domestic, he enjoys sports and also a good book, and he spent a few years as a Marine and working for the military. He is just an all around great guy, and I am happy to call him mine!

My challenge to you is to think of at least 10 things that make your significant other so special. Sometimes it truly is the little things... Have a great day!

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Vicki C said...

What an absolutly sweet post! Thanks for sharing!