Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Life Altering Moment

This is just a quick post to share something that has been on my mind for the last few days. For those of you that pray, please say a prayer for my cousin, her name is Tricia. She has cerebral palsy, and is an amazing woman who has done some great things with the life she has been handed. She was diagnosed last week with cancer and she is only 39. We worried she wouldn't understand what that means. I don't really know that I truly understand what that means; there are so many possible scenarios, it is hard to get a grasp on cancer. Tricia is such an upbeat person, many people, including myself, could learn a great deal from her. I can't begin to understand what she is going through right now. But I do know that she is a fighter, and stubborn as a mule, and I have every faith in the world that she will fight this. She actually said those words when they explained what it meant to be diagnosed with cancer, "I'm going to fight this!". So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as someone who needs a little help right now. She will start chemo in a few weeks, after she recovers from her surgery (which is how they found it). We are sending her some love in a box, with cards from my kids, and some Care Bears (Good Luck Bear and Cheer Bear) to keep her going. Every thought and prayer helps. Thanks and have a wonderful night!


chelemom said...

I just found your blog...and was not expecting this post. It tugged at my heart, not only because your cousin has cancer, but CP as well. I have a 12 year old daughter with CP. IT just doesn't seem fair does it? She already has so much to deal with....I will definitely keep her in my prayers. If she would like a card...just e-mail me. : )

Vicki C said...

I will certainly be keeping her in my prayers! And what a sweet box of love , she has coming from you and your family...thats definaly going to mean alot! It's things like that , that people take time out of thier lives to do ,that really mean to much and touch other so deeply! I'll be praying for her recovery!