Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh How I Missed Scrapbooking!

My scrap pages have been on a bit of a hiatus - ok a pretty long hiatus, four years to be exact. I have so many pictures I just felt overwhelmed at where to start. But I LOVE these pictures of our daughter and wanted to get them scrapped before they were forgotten about.

Last month I ordered some colors of cardstock that I was a little unsure of until I actually got them in my hands. I knew they were perfect. Her pics were done in color and black & white, and I really liked the B&W the best, but I wanted the rest of the page to have that WOW factor, and these colors were perfect!

After finishing this page, I was REALLY happy with it! I entered it into the PTI Guest Star Stamper contest. Although I didn't win (insert sigh) I did get an Honorable Mention from Nichole Heady, which is huge in the paper crafting world! I haven't entered in quite some time, so it felt really good to be recognized.

Here are some of the details, lots of glitter on the flourishes and on the flowers. I cut the flowers, the flourishes, and the letters for the title with my Making Memories Slice, which my hubby bought me for Christmas - LOVE that thing!
The journaling tag is hidden behind the main picture...
The Damask patterns are embossed with white EP. I really like doing the little ribbon effect with the sewing machine. I need to do that more on my cards too.
Sadly, I have had to pack a lot of my craft supplies, well mostly paper and miscellaneous things that don't get a whole lot of use - but even that was hard. My husband looked at the space yesterday and laughed because he could actually see the top of my desk :D. You just never know what your gonna need - KWIM? I couldn't pack any of my stamps away, I tried, just wasn't gonna happen!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the detail from my scrap page. I had so much fun putting it together. This was the first project in a long time that I didn't even have to ask my husband for his opinion. He came home from work, saw the page and said "WOW, that looks AWESOME!" That makes a girl happy!
Well, I am off to start New Moon. I finished Twilight last night and read it in three days, which is so not like me. It is seriously as good as everyone said it was.

Have a great night and as always thanks for stopping by!


Sue J. said...


This is truly a beautiful page! What great ideas for presentation!! (I love the journaling tag.)

I'm glad you didn't pack away everything. As stressful as things are, you don't need to pack away what gives you enjoyment and fulfillment. (You can always take it in the car when you move!)

See you soon!

Becky said...

This is just beautiful! There should be 50 comments for this work!

The Patterson 5 said...

Your scrap booking is beautiful! I hope you are able to find more time to do it!

Anonymous said...

OH NO! You're moving?? When? Where? Will you still have the blog??? I will miss your ideas/suggestions! Good Luck to you wherever you go...

Claire Brennan said...

Kacey the layout is just perfect and your little bundle is so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Is this blog no longer in use? I wonder what happened? I guess I'll delete it from my favs. Nicole