Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Read Any Good Books Lately???

Before I get to my latest creations, have you read a good book lately? I have! You would think I would say some great novel, well at least I aspire to that again one day :D. But actually, the “good book” I am referring to is a book my cousin gave to my daughter for Christmas and it really got me thinking. The title of the book is… Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud and David Messing. The basic theme of the story is to remind us that by doing nice things for others we in essence do something nice for ourselves. Fill someone else’s bucket with kindness and you fill your own emotional bucket with positive feelings.

My son has really enjoyed this story and honestly the few times I read it with him I just went through the motions. But Monday I read it with him and for some reason it really hit home. Doing nice things for people really does make me happier. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what someone might need, and other times a simple hello or thank you can bring a smile to another’s face. We talked at length about ways we could fill someone’s bucket and my son is actually having so much fun with it that his three year old sister is finding ways to help too. When I drive my son to preschool I usually tell him to “Make good choices” as he gets out of the car. Today I decided to change it around a little and I said “Fill Someone’s Bucket” and he just turned around with the biggest smile and the brightest eyes and said “You got it Mom!” Gotta love that!

Now on to something crafty..

I made this card for the Card Positioning Systems card sketch challenge this week. Of course the prize has to do with Papertrey so I had to participate! I had a really hard time with this sketch, everything turned out so plain looking. But I needed a birthday card for one of my fathers-in-law and this was my favorite of the three cards I made.

I used my new Damask Designs stamps from PTI, and really love this set. It is so versatile and has the most beautiful damask shapes. It’s a pretty simple card actually, but men are fairly simple (well most men) so I think it will suit him just fine.

Well, I have lots of house stuff to do tonight. I can’t wait until this "To Do" list is behind us and our house is finally on the market!

Have a fabulous night/day!

And ask yourself, have you filled a bucket today?



Sue J. said...

When your kids latch on to the idea of showing love to people in their midst, then you've taught them well. I can just see that big smile on his face!!

All the cards that you make may bring you some level of satisfaction, but it's when you give them away that you really recognize the joy. It's such a great concept, and that it's a visual one makes it great for the kids.

I'll bet you can make a nice card out of this, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea! I went out and bought my son a bucket today...premature I know. But I'm getting the book next. After your recommendation and reading reviews on Amazon, I placed an order.
I also found this website about how to incorporate it into the classroom (or at home)
Good stuff!

The Patterson 5 said...

I can just see your sweet boy saying that! What a heart warming moment and a glimspe into his loving heart! What an wonderful blessing! You are a bucket filler! Thanks!

Charity Hassel said...

what a great quote and fab card! thanks for using the cps sketch!