Monday, September 22, 2008

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life...

As I promised, I am FINALLY uploading some pictures of my son's first day of preschool. It feels like it was forever ago, but it's actually only been two weeks. I wish I could be on top of things, I used to be the most organized person I knew, my college friends hated me. Oh, if they could see me now, I have no idea what happened, but that is certainly not an adjective I would use to describe me these days!

The day started relatively painless as I took a few tips from my friend Mrs. P who gets everything ready the night before. I even prepared the ingredients for blueberry pancakes, of course leaving the liquid for the morning :-) So that is what he had for breakfast on the first day of school - brain food!

Isn't he cute!
Of course, his sister had to get in on the action. She WILL NOT be outdone!

I kept taking pictures of him as we stopped along the way (out the driveway, our corner, red lights, stop signs...). He was getting so sick of me taking pictures that he said, "Mom, stop taking pictures of me while you are driving, it's DANGEROUS!" Of course I had to laugh! He was a little quiet on the way, I think there was a little anxiety going on in this shot (he is so much like his mother in that way - fear of the unknown :-)

But as we pulled into the parking lot, or should I say "carpool lane", this big, bright smile came across his face. He was so excited, he was hopping from backseat to front seat to back seat again - it was so cute! I was so happy to see that, I needed to see that.

I was really proud of myself that day. I told myself I wasn't going to cry, but I felt it starting as we drove there. I wouldn't let the tears come out of my eyes though. Then when he got out of the car, I thought "Oh God, here they come!" I shed a tear from each eye before my daughter started singing a song from the backseat about how her brother is leaving her and never coming back... that obviously made me laugh out loud!
At the end of EVERY school day the kids line up to ring the old fashioned school bell out front. It is really cute to see the little ones do it, they can barely budge it. My son has come to think of the bell as a rope swing, so I have to closely monitor his ringing skills, or should I say swinging skills??? :-)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I will have something crafty tomorrow - yes, two days in a row, can you believe it!
Have a fabulous day!


Sue J. said...

These are WONDERFUL Kacey! Oh, the things you could do with these....

I especially like the one in which he's contemplating his life while looking out the window. Very deep!!

Glad he's doing well...and you are, too, now. It's OK to be in the boo-hoo club!!

The Patterson 5 said...

What a wonderful capturing of this monumental day, beginning his educational career!

As a member of the boo hoo and oh so proud club I welcome you!

We can hand each other tissues and we watch them fly!

Anonymous said...

You have done a fabulous job documenting his first day of preschool Kacey! And Sue and Mrs. P. are right about the Boo Hoo Club. You have to join it at some point. I joined it a week ago when I left my youngest at a Moms Morning Out program. Funny, I had never cried when leaving the two older ones. But, leaving my baby for 3 hours was traumatic!! What will I do when she starts kindergarten???

Anonymous said...

You do realize that pancakes are not brain food, right? Eggs or protein are brain food. Also, you wood be better off skipping the banana with chocolate syrup altogether and just letting him have the yogurt! It's so much healthier! Sorry, I just hate to see Moms give bad nutritional advice...