Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gotta Let 'em Fly...

So sorry I haven't been posting the last week or two I should say (after the bee incident). After being forced into a bit of a hiatus with only one hand :-) I have also been super busy and my mind has been a bit bogged down. I finally decided to register my son for preschool, something I wasn't sure I was going to do. My son has severe alergies (some of which are deadly to him) and the thought of him being cared for by someone else, in another place, quite frankly scares the heck out of me. Put it this way, he has been tested for 36 allergens and he is allergic to 34 of them. We joke that he can have a pet cockroach and dust mites would be fine (the only two things that came back negative)! Putting things into perspective, I know it could be worse, but until you know that your child has the ability to make good choices, it's hard to let go. I know now that he is ready, just not so sure I am! But I have to be, and I have to let him go. What good is having the wings if you don't get a chance to try them out, right? So, I finally registered him in preschool.

Boy has that proved to be a difficult task - which school to choose??? We visited 7 schools and quickly narrowed it down to two. One of my friends made me laugh when she said "Just imagine what it will be like when we have to choose a college!" Thank God I have a good 13 years before that journey begins - I need a break! In the end, I decided that a warm, friendly, place with dedicated staff and a well-rounded curriculum was more important than whether or not he can read at the end of the year; after all it is only pre-school :-).

On a lighter note, my parents, sister and nephew are coming to visit in just two days! Yippee! They haven't been here in about a year, and they haven't seen the kids other than in pictures since just after Christmas. It's been getting harder to get up to Pennsylvania to visit and let's face it with the price of gas these days, a bit more expensive too!

I may have some things to share by tomorrow. I am hoping I get some time to myself today, although I have Mom duty with no reprieve until tomorrow night! These are long days... On our agenda today, a trip to the recycling center, Blockbuster, riding our bikes, clearing some debris from the backyard, giving haircuts, cleaning, and a NAP!

Thanks for stopping by today! Be back soon with something pretty (I hope!)

Make today a fabulous day!


The Patterson 5 said...

It is so hard letting them fly, through tears we'll watch them take off then cheer as they fly!(I think that is in a song) That is the goal, only I wish it didn't tug at our hearts so!

Glad you found a preschool you felt comfortable with. He will soar and do great. You may cry and feel lost for the first couple of mornings and then hopefully enjoy one on one time with your daughter. (least thats how it was for me. I love your slip and slide picture it looks like he is taking off!

Have fun with your family in town. What a treat to have them visiting!

Hope you found a peaceful moment in your day! Sounds extremely busy and fun!

Barb Schram said...

Oh my, I understand the allergen thing! Our oldest had allergy shots for 11 years...two a week. IT is scary. She is 23 now! And actually has built up some immunities to previous attackers! Preschool will be so much fun! Enjoy the journey. Take good care!

Kimberly said...

Glad you are happy with your pre-school choice! I can't believe that those days will be coming before we know it!
I hope that your hand is getting better! ((HUGS))

Claire Brennan said...

Gosh, and I've been pining all week about my tiny girl starting primary school with no allergies - truth is, they'll be fine - you and I will be a little greyer - that's all.

Sue J said...

Knowing your young man as I do, he is going to be fine. He is so responsible for himself.

The hard part is facing that truth head on--that you DO have to let go at some point. You do all that you can to make the best choices, and as they are flying, you leave God in charge to make sure they are flying well.

Because, the next thing you know, they'll tell you how they should fly--and look out! :-)

And, you are surrounded by those who have let theirs fly, so reach out yourself. We're here!