Friday, July 18, 2008

Where Does The Time Go???

We finally went to have pictures taken! I can't believe how big my kids are now! I see them everyday, but it really hit me when I saw these pictures. It is sad, but it has been almost two and a half years since we last had professional photos taken of the kids. My son had pictures taken like every three months for his first two years, my daughter, well let's just say the thought was there :-(

Let me tell ya, my kids are not camera shy when it comes to professional photography! This photographer took over 140 pictures and these are just some of my favorites. It cost us an arm and leg, really killing my craft budget this month :-) but we are so happy we finally did it.

The only bad part about it is that Doug was supposed to be there so we could get a family portrait as well, but found out at the last minute that was not going to happen, so we went through with it anyway. To our family, he promises he will make the Christmas pic!
Enjoy! I hope they make you smile today!


The Patterson 5 said...

These are beautiful! What wonderful treasures! Looking forward to the family Christmas photo!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

the photos are great...your kids are soooo beautiful!

Sue J said...

I can't believe these are the same kids I saw in May. Oh my gosh! Fantastic!! (And your photographer must have really created just the right environment, because the subjects look overjoyed!)

Thanks for sharing!

Chatty Kelly said...

Hi! I found you from Patterson 5's blog. Love yours! It's so....crafty! And the kid pics are adorable!