Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello 2009!

I am extremely happy that 2009 has finally arrived! From the start it felt like 2008 was jinxed for us and it seemed to be neverending. My husband and I have decided that 2009 has got to be a better year and we are looking forward to so many wonderful experiences for our family. We have some family resolutions that we are excited about and I hope we look back on 2009 with fondness and not a sense of relief as we did this past year.

Although I did not share many of my projects the last few months of the year, I was still creating. I just couldn't find the time to blog as much as I would have liked. I spent a great deal of the end of November and early December making over 70 Christmas cards, and that was after I cut the list down! I vow to make it even shorter next year! On top of that I made some all occasion card sets and a thank you card set for another friend. And I also made my son's prechool teachers each a special frame (there were seven of them) which I will share a little later.

Now I know that Christmas is long gone, but I thought I would share the Christmas cards I made with the hope that they might inspire someone out there.

This was the first card I made. I sent out about 50 of these to family and friends, until I ran out of that fabulous ribbon. I was so excited to use something up from my stash, but now I am sad that it is gone. I bought that Martha Stewart ribbon at Michaels end of season clearance sale after Christmas 2007 for something crazy like $1.50 for 7 yds. What a steal!

Here is a close-up of the glitter. I outlined the entire card with white glitter, like snow. LOVE it! (Now if we could just get some snow here - I would be so happy!) The snowflakes also had glitter on them for that added sparkle. Of course it is hard to capture that in the picture, but they were way more sparkly in real life!
Here is the second card I designed. I wanted to use a less traditional color scheme on this one because quite frankly I was sick of red! This one also had glitter on the medium sized snowflakes for a little extra glitz.

Although I was pleased with both cards, I have to say the red one was my favorite.

I need to leave you with a little note... After re-reading my last post I felt like I may have left you with the notion that I was a complainer or a whiner of sorts. I really do try not to be that way in life. I was just a little disheartened. I believe that after 2008, I have a stronger sense of purpose and even more of what is most important in my life - my family! It doesn't matter how much money you have, what car you drive, or how big your house is - what matters is the love and support of your family and cherishing every moment with them. I have a stronger appreciation for my husband, my children, my friends, my family, and most of all for good health. Sometimes it is important to find that silver lining...

Thank you for visiting! I hope to be here more often!


Sue J. said...

I really like your cards! I love how you are able to get your ribbons to "behave." They just lay there (or puff up) perfectly! And that liquid glitter stuff is the only glitter I will use in my house!!

Encouragement for you all as you enter this new year!

Barb Schram said...

LOVE your cards, Kacey! But then I always love your work, so clean and perfect!

No need to apologize...sounds like you have a healthy balance of thankfulness and recognizing the good with the bad! Here's to a peaceful 2009!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh these are both so pretty Kacey! I do like the non traditional colors on the second!!